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Are you owning the Google map pack in your local search?

If you’re not on the top of Google searches, you’re losing money to your competition.....every single day.

Want to get seen and get results?

What Do Agent Design House Clients Have To Say?
If you want to experience the success our clients are seeing, then let's talk about your Google strategy.

James Sharp | Henderson, NV....

Bridget Gelderman | Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Eric Mulero | New Braunfels, TX....

Jacob Goldman | New York City, NY...

Best-selling author of "Exactly What To Say"
& Motivational Business Speaker,

Phil M. Jones talks about Agent Design House!

Is your competition taking all of your leads?

I t ’ s  t i m e  t o  o u t r a n k  
y o u r  c o m p e t i t o r s  

o n l i n e !

Old Way

  • Banging your head against the desk trying to figure out all the tech and back-end ‘stuff’ on Google.

  • Months going by and never seeing any progress, or worse.....no calls for months.

  • Throwing in the towel or letting your Google Business Profile sit while you have your fingers crossed hoping for the best.

  • New Way

  • Working with Agent Design House’s, experienced experts in the world of Google.

  • Start getting messages and calls from your dream clients in as little as 30 days.

  • Finally experiencing a lead generating machine with Google My Business while not sacrificing additional commission splits with other third-party resources.

  • “I wasn’t even coming up on Top Agent in my area. Since working with Agent Design House, I am always coming up in the Top 3 and receiving calls to list homes in my farming neigbhorhoods. Their efforts have positively impacted my business's growth directly. I can't imagine not having them as part of our team.”

    Hannah P., Illinois Realtor

    Let's wave goodbye to the old methods and start implementing fresh strategies that will elevate your Google My Business profile, resulting in more phone calls and a growing clientele!

    Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a never-ending loop trying to break into Google's Top Map Pack?

    You’ve been in business a long time, you have a proven track record and you get great results for your clients. You’re a master at what you do! We get it, it's frustrating to see other real estate agents on top of the map pack and all over Google searches, some you've never even heard of, getting all the calls leaving you wondering.. " What's missing? .... What am I doing wrong?..... Why are they getting the listings and I'm not?"

    You've put in the work, set up your Google My Business profile, gotten a few reviews just like you've been told but you’re still fighting for market share in a market that you know inside and out? And let’s be honest who wants to share?

    Just imagine potential leads - homeowners ready to sell and buyers ready to buy that can easily find you online in a place where you positioned yourself to be found - ranking in the Top 3 of Google Searches!

    Your potential clients will undoubtedly research “best Realtor near me” but if you aren't relevant and in the top of your area they will most certainly choose your competitor...

    and with a scroll and click of a mouse you’ve lost another commission.

    If you can't market in the digital world effectively, how will your leads know you can market their home effectively? How will they know you're the local authority?

    We help keep the guess work out of the whole process with a laser focused game plan and strategy that dramatically shortens the success curve freeing up extra time to work on your business instead of in it, tackle those listing appointments or even spend some time with loved ones. You pick.. The possibilities are endless.

    In our experience with working with countless realtors, there are two types of real estate agents out there. There are those who talk a good game about marketing with no real game plan. They try a bunch of things for a little while and have a million reasons or excuses why it's not working. They may delegate seemingly "arbitrary" things to their admin and can't figure out why it's not all working the way they hoped.

    On the other side of the coin there are those that are ready to invest in the resources that they need to get results that will change their business for the long haul. They understand that something like marketing isn't just something you have do but something you need to do well to stand out.

    Which one are you? I'm willing to bet that if you read this far you're likely the second one.

    Can you afford to be on the second or third page of Google?

    You might already have a well-designed website linked to your Google My Business profile, but if you're not on that first page, it's like being a well-kept secret. In the digital landscape, most potential leads won't scroll past the top half of the page. Considering that 80% of people choose from the top 5 GMB profiles, now is the time to increase your ranking and have new leads calling you.

    Want to know your actual ranking?

    Not found on maps

    Consistently found on maps

    If your business is not found on Google Search or Google Maps, you are missing out on 90% of potential leads.

    Get Found. Get Chosen. Get Results.


    Gooogle PPC

    Our team of seasoned marketing experts understands that one size doesn’t fit all. We craft bespoke Google Ads campaigns tailored to your business goals, ensuring you get the most out of every advertising dollar.

    Social Media Advertising

    Platforms like Facebook and Instagram prioritize posts by friends and family, making it harder for companies to compete for news feed space. However with paid social you can ensure that your ads have a place on your desired customers feed.

    Email Marketing

    Crafting compelling content is our forte. We create newsletters that not only inform but also drive action. From attention-grabbing headlines to persuasive calls-to-action, we help you achieve your marketing goals.

    Postcard Mailers

    Crafting compelling content is our forte. We create newsletters that not only inform but also drive action. From attention-grabbing headlines to persuasive calls-to-action, we help you achieve your marketing goals.

    “Agent Design House are the ultimate marketing mavens.

    They are the backbone of our success.”

    Arelys A, Florida Realtor

    Consider us your digital marketing partner and extension of your team.

    Hi! I’m Kiera Flynn, the owner of Agent Design House. After hustling for 10+ years in the marketing and advertising world in New York City, something was missing. I studied for (and passed) two real estate state exams at the same time and became a real estate agent. I wanted nothing more than to be successful helping my clients find their dream homes. I started off on a very successful large luxury team in Northern New Jersey, followed by going off on my own. In both situations, there was so much to balance - from following up with leads, to trying to figure out what my next social media post should be, starting a YouTube channel, email marketing, community events, postcard mailers and the list went on. It was exhausting! Over the course of time, I realized that as a real estate agent you can’t possibly be an expert in buying and selling as well as an expert in marketing, do the family and spouse thing- and excel in all areas simultaneously. It takes a village. It takes a team!

    Meshing the best of both worlds - my love for real estate and my love for marketing, Agent Design House was born. To help real estate agents feel less over-whelmed and spread thin trying to do everything themselves allowing them to focus on what matters to them most. Fast forward to today, our team has grown and so has our clientele. We are working with real estate agents & brokerages across the country to dominate their local market in the Google world and own the online market space. We’re fiercely competitive for our clients and we’re driven to help our clients get to the top.

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